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Food processing industries

Refrigeration is the heart of any food processing industry having final product in frozen stage. Of course other food products also call for refrigeration requirement at various stages of the process. Our consultancy in this field not just on the refrigeration but work with the customer from the concept stage. Based on the process requirement we shall establish complete building layout plan and further develop it to good for building. The complete drawing shall be developed showing all the ancillary requirement of food processing industry. Selection of right and optimum sized process equipment is vital for efficient and effective operation. Any complex refrigeration requirement can be met with our good engineering approach. Technical and commercial comparison shall be prepared for clear decision of purchase. We adapt good air conditioning practices in the process area to control temperature and humidity. This gives not only comfort to the people working inside but also ensure less melting of ice and temperature loss for the product being processed. Refrigeration system designed under consultancy will standout not only by its elegant look but also its working methodology. We have adapted such engineering practices in the industry which others have even tried. The PLC/SCADA system which we developed for our projects are the best in the industry for sure.

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Cold Storage
Machine room
Processing hall
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